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Hello, again : )

I’m an independent (English) copywriter and content strategist currently based out of Hamburg, Germany although my clients are international.

I started this network of creative collaborators out of a frustration I personally felt when outsourcing my creative needs to agencies, who had some of the most talented designers and developers onboard but missed one crucial element for success—strategic copy. Without a strategic storyline your beautiful website or advertising materials won’t achieve your marketing goals.

Before I decided to start my own business, I served as the Head of Marketing for an Israeli high-tech B2B startup and the Head of Content and Copy for a boutique digital marketing agency.

Before that, I worked for nearly a decade with various non-profit humanitarian organizations in the United States, Mozambique, Brazil, Canada, and Israel. I believe these unique experiences shaped me into an empath with strong cross-cultural competence and a genuine work ethic.

I really hope I can be of help to you and I look forward to discussing your needs!

Meet the Network

We partner with each other and our clients to deliver agency-style support



Senior Graphic Designer

Tel Aviv, Israel

    Raphael Landau

    WordPress Developer & CEO of Eagleray

    Tel Aviv, Israel


      Roey Libfeld

      Strategic SEO & Inbound Marketing Consultant

      Tel Aviv, Israel


        WHY US?

        We’re more collaborative than individual freelancers, and more attentive than an agency

        Our collaboration inspires unique solutions to creative problems that you simply won’t find while working with individual freelancers. And our dedication and attention to our clients’ needs surpass what you get while working with a big agency. We’re your happy medium without the compromise.


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